4 Reasons To Book A Second Photographer For Your Wedding

Sep 10, 2021



Are two photographers better than one? It’s certainly something to think about when planning your wedding. Two photographers can make it easier to capture all of your special moments, but hiring an additional person means an additional cost, so it’s a big decision.

So do you need two photographers for your wedding? While it’s not a necessity, many couples choose this route – but it all comes down to personal preference. Think about factors like your wedding size, location, and timeline. Would one person be able to capture all of the photos and videos you’d like? If not, you might benefit from hiring a second person.

To help you make your decision, let’s look at four reasons to book a second photographer for your wedding day.

1. You have a large guest list

If you’re planning a big, beautiful wedding, it might be beneficial to hire a second photographer. Generally, if your wedding will have more than 100 guests, we recommend considering two photographers. One person simply can’t capture all of your memorable moments otherwise!

With so many beloved relatives and friends in attendance, you might otherwise miss out on beautiful memories, like Grandpa dancing with your nieces or your best men enjoying a drink together at sunset.

If your venue is quite large, two photographers can also split up and take photos in multiple places. However, if you’re arranging an elopement or a small, family-only wedding, one photographer is likely to be all you need.

2. A second perspective during your ceremony

Is there anything more magical than that moment when you both see each other for the first time while you walk down the aisle? Honestly, we get emotional just thinking about it!

However, with one photographer, you’re only able to get photos of that exact moment from one perspective. If you hire a second person, you can get candid images of you both – and after all, the love, happiness and emotion you experience before you say your vows is one of the most important moments of your day.

3. One photographer can never capture it all!

As wedding photographers, we love to capture all the tiny details for you, making it easier for you to relive the memories for years to come. We aim to capture all the little details – your reception centrepieces, your guestbook, even the little cousins playing in the garden before the ceremony.

With two photographers, you ensure nothing is missed. For example, if one person is taking setup shots of your ceremony or venue, the other can be waiting outside, taking snaps as you emerge from your limo at the venue.

Essentially, you’ll get a more thorough wedding day history if two people are working together.

4. You won’t miss any special ‘getting ready’ moments

When should I hire a second photographer? Usually, the bride and groom get ready in two separate locations, so if you want those fun ‘getting ready’ shots of both of you, two photographers will make it easier.

One person can be with the bridal party, getting that iconic doing-up-the-wedding-dress shot and some candid hair and makeup snaps, while the other person can be with the groomsmen. We always love those heartwarming photos of Dad straightening your bowtie as you get ready, or you toasting a cheeky beer on the balcony with your best men.

We particularly love the fun getting-ready photos from Samie and Andrew’s wedding – how great are those pink socks?!

How much should you pay a second photographer?

When it comes to budgeting, secondary photographers generally range anywhere from $500 to $1500. They’ll work under the guidance of the primary photographer, ensuring that they’re able to take all the shots you need.

A second professional photographer at your wedding is an investment. Yes, it adds to the cost of your wedding day, but the advantage is those additional photos that otherwise wouldn’t have been taken – those moments that might not have been captured.

Most couples have a set wedding budget, so it all comes down to preference. Would you be willing to pull back slightly on your floral budget, for example, if it meant getting a secondary photographer or videographer? There are often ways you can save money on certain aspects of your wedding and put it towards others. It helps to start the planning process by thinking about your priorities and ‘must-haves’.

When do I need to decide?

It’s a big decision to hire a second photographer, so take your time to think it over. It helps to think about this earlier in your planning process, though, as it’s easier to book both your primary and secondary photographer at the same time. That way, your main photographer can confirm the second photographer early on and start planning your shoot.

If you’ve originally booked just one person and want to add on a second, that’s okay too! Just talk to your photographer and ask if they can arrange a second person to assist. Most photographers can recommend someone they know well and have worked with previously who matches their style. Plus, your main photographer will be doing all of the editing, which guarantees that all of your images have a gorgeous, cohesive aesthetic.

So: how important is a second photographer at a wedding? It all comes down to your personal preferences and style, but it’s definitely a tough decision! If you have any questions about your photography needs, please reach out for a chat – we’d love to hear more about your amazing wedding plans and give you some ideas about how to manage your photography on the day.

As experienced wedding photographers, we’re delighted to work either individually or together, depending on what our couple’s requirements are. We can’t wait to hear from you, so let’s grab a drink and chat about all things wedding photography!

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