For the Sentimental & Nostalgic


We love to fill our faces every weekend with delicious cannolis along with home made espresso. We love to binge watch Friends and Seinfeld. We love a cheeky glass of red wine together on a school night, but most of all, we love watching our daughter Violet try and give our pooch Lumos kisses on his nose... But on a more important note, we're also Adelaide Wedding Photographers and love capturing weddings all throughout Adelaide, South Australia and it’s finest locations.

Your wedding is such a special occasion. There can be laughs, happy tears, sad tears for those who are no longer with us, rushes of adrenaline, extreme nerves and just moments where time seems to stop still. No matter the moment, we will be right there with you feeling it, soaking it in and capturing those feelings through our lenses. We are invested in every couple we get the pleasure of meeting. We want to know your LOVE story, and we want to do it justice with our photography.

We're in love, with love.

Kieren & Michelle!

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Feeling the love


β€” Tarrakyn & Craig

"so laid back, friendly and patient. Leading up to the big day, so much help and so full of knowledge." 

β€” Harshani & Dilan

"Kieren was incredible! He seamlessly worked around us the entire day and captured the essence of the day beautifully.

β€” Methona & Sebastian

"If you're looking for someone who knows what they're doing, who has the heart, attitude and passion, then look no further."