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I am one very lucky lady! My life absolutely revolves around Kieren, our daughter Violet, our beautiful pets and making sparkly things. I have always been one to follow my dreams and passions, which at times can seem a little crazy or scary, but somehow, things always seem to work out. I am lucky enough to work for myself as a Manufacturing Jeweller, which I have been doing now for over 10 years. I think my younger self would be so stoked, knowing that I get to spend every day playing with beautiful sparkly things...!

From the second digital cameras were a 'thing', I was hooked! When I was a teenager (much to my fathers disgust) I covered my entire bedroom wall, top to bottom, with photos of my close friends and family, which was A LOT of photos. Over all these years, nothing has changed. When Kieren and I bought our house together back in 2016, he chose a beautiful stainless steel brush finished fridge, that he wanted to keep 'clean and sleek'. Safe to say, I ruined those dreams, and in true Michelle form, our fridge is completely covered in family photos.

Kieren and I have always shared the same drive and passion for things that we love. When he decided to go down the road of wedding photography, it was a very exciting time for both of us. Initially, Kieren shot weddings by himself, then, no matter what time he got home from them, I would demand to hear every single detail. The day after the wedding, we would always head upstairs together and go through all the photos he took. He lets me choose my favourites still to this day, which he then edits and I get to say whether I like them or not (he is getting much better understanding and receiving my aggressive criticism over time!!). It's honestly something that we really love doing together. We of course, always see things slightly differently, which I think is definitely a huge asset and keeps things raw and original.

I'm a huge believer of everything happens for a reason and I have always been the person to appreciate the small things and moments in life. I think both of these beliefs really do shine though in all of my creative works, whether it be making someone's wedding ring or photographing a precious moment on their wedding day. It's the small things that are all meant to be, that end up creating the big moments in each of our lives.

My parents named me after Kieren Perkins who won the 1500 metre freestyle in the 1992 Olympics. I can swim.. but not that well. Anyway! As you know I love my coffee, red wine and literally nearly every food item under the sun. But to give you more of an idea - I work full-time as a Project Engineer. My main role is designing high security doors and windows for prisons across Australia. I work full-time during the week, edit weddings into the evenings and photograph weddings on the weekends with Michelle.

In 2015 I studied photography at university where I learnt the fundamentals on how to use a camera. About a year later I attended a wedding photography workshop which is where my passion for wedding photography started. In 2016 I created Rexvil Photography with the ambition of capturing wedding day memories for people that cherish precious moments with their loved ones as much as I do. Rexvil is the combination of both of my grandfathers names. One who is still with us today named Rex, and my other grandfather Colvil, who left us 2006. In 2018 I became a recognised professional photographer through the AIPP and still continue to grow and learn while doing what I love.

I love keeping our lawns green and lush and pruning our roses every July. Spending time with my family makes me happy and fulfilled. I can't get enough of drenching Lumos (our white furry pooch) down with the hose or flying Violet around like an aeroplane in our home. I seem to spend more time cleaning my cars than driving them but for some reason I really enjoy that. I love having my daily routine of waking up at 5:30am and exercising. Mostly because I enjoy waking up the house with the coffee machine. I'm so lucky to have Michelle as my wife. She supports me in everything that I do and shares my enthusiasm for wedding photography. She isn't afraid to tell me if something sucks or where I can improve. Most importantly she's always up to celebrate the small things. Happiness is about the journey, not just the destination.

photographer for THE sentimental & Nostalgic


my name is

photographer for the sentimental & Nostalgic


my name is

Kieren can't stand his neck being touched.
Michelle can't stand talking about the inside of ears.


Michelle's lucky number is 13.
Kieren only uses 98 octane fuel.


Kieren is an early riser,
Michelle is a night owl.


We've both been skydiving,
Michelle has done it twice!


all the fun random stuff about US

"From the moment we met Kieren, we knew that we wanted to book him to capture our wedding day. He is so laid back, friendly and patient. Leading up to the big day, he was so much help and so full of knowledge. Even if I didnt say any of that, I think his photos speak for themselves, absolutely stunning AND we got them back super quickly. We couldnt have been happier. Thank you so much x"

— Tarrakyn & Craig

"Leading up to the big day, he was so much help and so full of knowledge."

"Where do we start with Kieren, We are so glad that we got you as our wedding photographer. From the first contact to the first meeting and the numerous months leading up to our wedding you were available for any questions, your communication via email/phone/text was 100% fantastic. Then came to our wedding day and far out you were amazing, this relaxed guy doing his job you could tell he loved! Not only did we feel comfortable with you photographing us, our guests did too!! We would recommend you 1 million times over as anyone’s photographer. You captured our day perfect! Thank you x

—  Bec & Matt

"Not only did we feel comfortable with you photographing us, our guests did too!!"

"My husband & I are so happy that we had Kieren photograph our special wedding day at Marybank Farm! The photos are amazing - all beautiful shots capturing special moments & memories from the day. We both felt so relaxed and comfortable around Kieren - which helped the photos look more natural. He knows all the right moments to capture! We honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better photographer - thanks Kieren!! We highly recommend!"

—  Louise & Craig

"The photos are amazing - all beautiful shots capturing special moments & memories from the day!"

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