Tarrakyn & Craig – Old Woodhouse Manor, Piccadilly

Oct 17, 2020



This lovely wedding was held at the Woodhouse Manor in the Adelaide Hills, a natural wonder and one of the most stunning Adelaide wedding venues around. Tarrakyn and Craig got ready at opposite ends of the Manor. When it came to snapping a few ‘getting ready’ shots, we had to be extra careful so they wouldn’t run into each other! For me, the highlight of Tarrakyn and Craig’s wedding day was their ‘first touch’. Tarrakyn really loved the idea of a first look but Craig really wanted to keep the tradition of seeing Tarrakyn come down the aisle in her dress for the first time. So they did what all good couples do and compromised! While Craig faced the other way, Tarrakyn snuck up on Craig and gave him a sneaky hug from behind. It’s personal touches like these that make weddings memorable. The couple then shared some reasons as to why they love each other and how much the day meant to each of them.

Woodhouse Manor is a beautiful spot for a wedding. Another perfect example of having everything you need for couple portraits right in front of you – the grounds are just so green, lively and inviting. The outside reception looked epic with the Bulb Lighting set up. It was the first dancing I had witnessed since virus restrictions were lifted in South Australia – and boy, did it put a smile on everyone’s dial. What a day! Cheers for having me guys X


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