10 Sentimental Things We Recommend Keeping From Your Wedding Day

Aug 18, 2021



We all know the old adage ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, as a way to bring luck to a wedding. It’s a sweet way to think about what you’ll wear on your wedding day, and we absolutely love family wedding traditions like these. However, there’s something many couples struggle with after the big day: what do you do with all the stuff you acquired for the wedding?

Everything from your magical day seems sentimental and special, but the reality is, most of us only have so much storage space! So how do you decide which things to keep from your wedding day and which ones to move along? We’ve created this guide to make life easier – here are ten keepsakes to save from your wedding day, ideal for reliving your beautiful memories for years to come.

1. Your floral bouquet

The beauty of your floral bouquet is something to treasure – it’s sure to contain your favourite colours and flowers, with significance to you and your family. Fresh flowers don’t last forever, sadly, but you can still hold on to them.

So how do you preserve wedding items like fresh flowers? One of the best ways is to dry them, then preserve them in something like a shadow box or press them flat and keep them in a photo album.

Wedding photos, of course, are another important way to preserve the memories from your day, like the bouquet and other floral details. We love these photos from Methona and Sebastian’s wedding, showcasing their beachy, natural wedding bouquet on the sands of Hardwicke Bay.

2. Your wedding jewellery

Of course, you and your beloved will hold onto your wedding bands forever, but also think about holding on to any wedding jewellery from the day. Even if it doesn’t have a high monetary value, it’s priceless to you!

You might want to pass down any special earrings or necklaces from the day to your own children, a touching way to start a new family tradition.

3. Wedding dress

Is there anything more iconic than your stunning wedding dress? We know that the right dress means everything to a bride, so always have it professionally dry cleaned and prepared for storage after the wedding. 

Some brides even like to alter their dresses, working with a tailor to create something they can wear again. The choice is yours!

4. Bonbonnieres

You’re sure to have put lots of time and effort into creating small gifts or bonbonnieres for your wedding guests. Definitely keep one or two for yourself, as they’re a fun memory from your day.

Just remember that if your bonbonnieres contained anything perishable, like chocolate or almonds, it’s best to remove those components before putting them into storage!

5. Sentimental accessories

Did your wedding day contain any sentimental accessories or items of clothing, like a handkerchief from your grandmother, or a special hat or fascinator? If so, you’ll want to hold on to these items.

They’ll remind you of your loved ones each time you look at them. With family being such an important part of every wedding, this is a sweet way to remember those who matter to you most.

6. Letters from each other

Many couples like to write letters to one another to be exchanged on the morning of the wedding. (Brides, just be sure to read yours before you have your makeup done, as we guarantee there’ll be a tear or two!)

It’s a classic, romantic way to express your love, so keep your letters stored somewhere safe, allowing you to read them over and over again.

7. Wedding cards from guests

Most of your wedding guests will have given you a heartfelt card, and you’ll definitely want to keep these. Not only do they help jog your memory when writing thank you cards, but they’re also full of sweet words, congratulations and well-wishes from your friends and family that are nice to look back on.

Many couples compile all of their cards into a memory box to keep them organised and preserved in one place.

8. Memorable smells or fragrances

One of the most powerful senses is scent – it’s amazing how one aroma can bring back vibrant memories, even years later. For this reason, consider holding onto anything that might help stimulate your memories in the future.

This could be anything from a scented candle from your reception decorations or an extra bottle of the type of perfume you wore on the day. Of course, you might also want to save and freeze a slice of your wedding cake, so you can enjoy it a year later to celebrate your first year of wedded bliss!

9. Photos and video

Wondering what to keep from your wedding that will bring back the strongest memories? It’s your wedding photos and video, of course!

First things first: we depend on technology for video photo storage, but it’s not foolproof. Devices break, accidents happen, and flash drives can be lost, so always create a backup copy of all of your wedding images to avoid losing any of those beautiful captured moments.

In addition to your digital photos, which are ideal for sharing online or sending to friends, couples usually create a physical photo album as well. Wedding photo albums are great for curling up on the couch with a glass of wine, but they’re also elegant and stylish, so you definitely won’t want to hide yours away. As you flip through each page, you’ll relive the story of your wedding, reminding you of all the fun and love from your ceremony and reception.

10. Memorable wedding decor

How do you work out what to do with the wedding décor after your reception? Here’s our top tip: save a few special items, like a copy of your menu, seating chart, and any little bits and pieces that you just can’t part with.

However, the rest of your decoration items might be great to give to other friends or family who might be getting married in the future. They’re sure to appreciate it! You could also consider renting some of your décor instead of purchasing, so you can simply return it after the wedding.

With a few sentimental items, such as the ones mentioned above, your wedding memories will live on for decades to come. If you’re newly engaged (if so, massive congratulations!) and are thinking about how to plan your wedding, we would be glad to have a chat with you about venues, wedding photography, and creating albums to best capture everything from the day. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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