Mount Gambier Wedding – Meagan & Charlie

Mar 7, 2021



Michelle, Violet and I made our way down to the stunning surrounds of Mount Gambier to photograph Meagan and Charlie’s beautiful wedding. We decided to make a small family trip of it and stayed a few nights in the heart of Mount Gambier. Our little girl, Violet, loved the experience just as much as what we did! We took the time to visit all sorts of attractions while we were there; Umpherston Sinkhole, Blue Lake and the Engelbrecht Caves – all lovely spots to visit and all in all the perfect destination for stunning scenic wedding photography!

The day before the wedding, we all met for Meagan and Charlie’s rehearsal at the Blue Lake Pumping Station for their ceremony location. It’s always nice to meet a few more of the family members and bridal party before the big day; putting faces to names ahead of the portraits can be really helpful. We ran through all the formalities of the ceremony, solidifying the plans for the big moment!

Wedding Preparation – Blue Lake Holiday Park & Colhurst House

Morning of the wedding! First we made our way to Charlie and the boys – they were all staying at the Blue Lake Holiday Park. It was a very easygoing morning with a few detail shots, the boys getting ready, and (of course) an early beer or two to celebrate! We then made our way to Meagan and the girls, who were staying at the beautiful Colhurst House. This accomodation was absolutely perfect for some prep shots! The bridal gang had a lovely time getting ready together and Meagan’s dress reveal in particular was a very special moment for her and her girls.

Wedding Ceremony – Blue Lake Pumping Station

The Blue Lake Pumping Station… What a beautiful spot to have a wedding ceremony and the perfect backdrop for some stunning landscape wedding photography. The Blue Lake definitely complimented the blue colour theme that Meagan and Charlie had chosen. The gorgeous overcast weather definitely made the sky seem as if it was a large white soft box – ideal for wedding photography! The couple portraits were something else…Meagan and Charlie knew of a few hidden gems for the portraits that really spoke for themselves and made all the difference for their shots. Especially Leg of Mutton Lake. Definitely check those shots out below!

Wedding Reception – The Apple Farm

Reception was held at The Apple Farm, which is pretty much all you could ask for from a reception wedding venue. Kelsie and her team were so accommodating and did a great job of setting up the area for Meagan and Charlie’s wedding. At sunset, we drove down the road a little bit and found an untouched field for sunset shots. These also speak for themselves. Sunset is always such a magical time for the bride and groom as they can spend some intimate time together watching the last rays of sun kiss goodbye to their wedding day.

Reception formalities and dancing kicked off soon after we arrived back and continued on throughout the night. Thanks so much for having us guys! We can’t wait to come back for another beautiful wedding in Mount Gambier!


The Apple Farm Wedding Venue Mount Gambier

Blue Lake Pumping Station Weddings

Blue Lake Holiday Park Accomodation

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