A Marybank Estate Wedding Photography Experience

Jul 25, 2023



Parmida & Charlie had a lovely wedding at the stunning Marybank Estate in Rostrevor, SA. Join us as we recap a stunning Marybank Estate wedding photography experience. Charlie and his crew had a nice, quiet morning together getting ready with a couple of drinks and a bit of banter. Parmida and her girls got ready in the gorgeous upstairs cottage at Marybank Estate and it was absolutely delightful. The light coming through the window allowed for some stunning preparation photos of all the details, florals and of course Parms’ in her wedding dress. We’ll always make time for a champagne pop too! Parmida & Charlie wanted to have an intimate first look on the Marybank Estate grounds. It was a gorgeous and sentimental moment for both of them.

The Ceremony – A Fusion of Persian & Australian Traditions

Parmida & Charlie had a delightful Sofreh spread as part of their wedding ceremony. When two diverse cultures come together to celebrate love, the result is a mesmerizing fusion of traditions and rituals. Picture this: a stunning amalgamation of Persian heritage and Australian charm, showcased through a Sofreh spread integrated seamlessly into a traditional Australian wedding. Gabrielle from She Runs Wild set up a stunning array of florals for Parmida & Charlie. A Sofreh spread, also known as a Sofreh Aghd, is a traditional and elaborate ceremonial display in Persian weddings. It serves as a focal point during the wedding ceremony and holds deep cultural significance. The Sofreh is typically set up on the floor or a low table, covered with an exquisite fabric, and adorned with an array of symbolic items.

As guests approach the Sofreh, they are greeted with an enchanting arrangement of meaningful elements, each carrying its own special message and wishes for the couple’s future. Here are some items one might find on a Sofreh spread:

  1. Mirror (Aineh): Symbolizing eternity and the reflection of the couple’s future together.
  2. Candles (Shamdan): Representing the brightness of life and the couple’s radiant future.
  3. Holy Book (often the Quran or a religious text): Signifying spirituality and blessings for the marriage.
  4. Espand (wild rue seeds): For purification and warding off evil spirits.
  5. Gold coins (Toman): Representing wealth and prosperity in the couple’s life.
  6. Honey: Symbolizing the sweetness of married life.
  7. Spices (such as sumac and angelica): For a sprinkling of spice and a touch of passion.
  8. Decorated eggs and nuts: Representing fertility and new beginnings.
  9. Rosewater: Sprinkled for its purifying and cleansing properties.
  10. Traditional sweets and fruits: As a wish for a joyous and abundant life together.
  11. A decorated tray (Sini): Holding seven items that begin with the Persian letter ‘S’ (haft seen), each symbolizing a different aspect of life.
  12. Flowers and greenery: Adding a touch of beauty and nature’s freshness.

The Sofreh spread is meticulously arranged and crafted, often with the help of experienced family members or professionals. Each element on the Sofreh is carefully chosen to bestow blessings, happiness, and prosperity upon the couple as they embark on their journey of love and togetherness. Combining the Sofreh spread with the traditions of a traditional Australian wedding creates a unique and enchanting experience that celebrates the richness of cultural diversity and the universal language of love. Camille from Adelaide Marriage Celebrant did a wonderful job marrying these two delightful humas.

The Reception – A Fun and Vibrant Evening Filled With Love and Joy

The festivities of the evening commenced at the beautiful setup Reception space. Sonia from Sonia Madeline Events set up a masterpiece setting for the Reception, the photos speak for themselves! We are often told that the most enjoyable and memorable part of anyone’s wedding day is their golden hour session. Parmida & Charlie had a little adventure to the top of the hill at Marybank Estate and it was definitely the highlight of our day. The team at Marybank Estate have recently constructed a stunning vineyard deck that overlooks all of Adelaide. An absolutely perfect spot to enjoy that last bit of golden light as it departs over the horizon.

The festivities kicked off with a bang at Reception with the cutting of the cake and Parms’ & Charlie’s first dance. The dancefloor went from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes and continued that way for the rest of the evening! To top it off, Parmida & Charlie had a magical sparkler exit send off. What a wonderful celebration of love!

You can find the gorgeous highlight gallery of Parmida & Charlie’s special day here.

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