Harshani and Dilan – Alru Farm Wedding

Dec 18, 2020



These two gorgeous humans were made for each other. Harshani and Dilan got ready at separate locations and they both had a fantastic time with their bridal party members before their first look. Dilan had his parents and some of his best friends by his side while he got ready at the Watson Hotel in Walkerville. Harshani got ready at her own humble abode which was equally intimate and lovely. It’s always nice to be around familiar surroundings on such a special day.

Harshani and Dilan had their wedding at the lovely Al Ru Farm in Sampson Flat. As their wedding was in the spring, ALL the greenery and wild flowers were out, which made it the perfect spot for some stunning local wedding photography. The ceremony was held near the pond, under the shaded drop down area. We didn’t even need to go off-site for couple portraits – Al Ru Farm has it all. The formalities of the evening went beautifully in ‘The Barn’, the venue’s gorgeous reception area. All of their family and friends were so welcoming and friendly, which made the day that much more enjoyable. Beautiful speeches, a heartwarming first dance and delicious food. Thanks so much for having me guys, I had a lovely day with you both and I hope you can treasure these sweet memories for a lifetime.

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