5 Beautiful Couples/Engagement Shoot Locations In Adelaide

Jan 24, 2022



There’s something so fun and carefree about engagement photos. Unlike the formality of your wedding day, our couples and engagement photography in Adelaide and the surrounding areas lets you relax, showcase your personality, and capture some fun and candid snaps of you as a couple. Think of them as not only a ‘warm-up’ before the wedding, but also as an opportunity to capture some gorgeous, casual moments together. 

Engagement photos are also a fantastic opportunity to work with your wedding photographer before the big day, helping you learn more about one another’s style and preferences. Luckily, we have so many photogenic places in Adelaide that were just made for photography! Our churches, heritage stonemasonry and natural landscapes give couples plenty of options for taking photos. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our top wedding photoshoot locations in Adelaide. 

Best engagement shoot locations in Adelaide

We’re lucky to have a whole stretch of beautiful coastline just outside of Adelaide that’s perfect for couple and engagement sessions. Plus, there are lots of top wedding photo locations in the Adelaide CBD if you’re thinking ahead to where you’ll take your wedding day photos. 

Here are our engagement and wedding photo ideas in Adelaide – you really can’t go wrong with any of them! 

1. Kuitpo Forest

Kuitpo Forest Reserve is a gorgeous natural space for taking photos. This towering plantation forest is just 40km outside Adelaide, with soaring trees that create a dramatic backdrop for photography. 

The area is popular with campers and bushwalkers too, so if you’re a couple who loves spending time outdoors, Kuito could be the perfect spot for you. In the early morning or late afternoon, we’ll get that gorgeous golden light streaming in between the trees, creating a soft, natural spotlight for your photos. 

As an alternative, if you prefer something closer to the city centre, the Blackwood Forest Recreation Park in Hawthorndene is about 12 km from the CBD. It’s smaller than Kuitpo, but still offers gorgeous trees and wide open spaces. 

2. Adelaide Hills 

Craving that quintessentially Aussie rural landscape for your photos? If so, we highly recommend the Adelaide Hills. There are so many open fields, wineries and conservation areas that offer us big, beautiful spaces – and no crowds!

We’d be glad to recommend some secret spots we love in the Adelaide Hills, just perfect for iconic South Australian engagement photos. The wineries of the Adelaide Hills and the nearby areas are also lovely spots for your wedding and reception, if you haven’t locked in your venue yet. 

3. Adelaide CBD

You don’t need to go far outside of town, since we have plenty of couples shoot locations in the Adelaide CBD. We can find a low-key small bar, stroll through the city centre, or make use of some of the city’s best gardens. 

Both the Adelaide Himeji Garden and Veale Gardens are great if you want a green, natural vibe. Himeji is a traditional Japanese garden, including a picturesque lake and even a teahouse – it’s got to be one of the most Instagrammable spots in Adelaide!

The Veale Gardens, in the right season, are completely chock-full of roses (talk about romantic!). Both parks are also dog-friendly, in case you want to include your four-legged friend in your engagement shoot.

4. Peel Street, Adelaide CBD

If you’re after classic cityscape shots complete with street art, bus stops, bustling traffic or cocktail bars, we know of plenty of great places in the CBD, especially around Peel Street and Ebenezer Place. 

The laneways around Peel Street, with their exposed brickwork, outdoor dining and graffiti, are just perfect for outdoor shots with a funky edge. For an evening engagement shoot idea, the night markets at Ebenezer Place are a unique and vibrant place to take photos – even better if you’re night owls, as an evening shoot can help capture your interests and personalities as a couple.

5. The University of Adelaide

Even if you didn’t attend the University of Adelaide, the campus is still a perfect place for wedding photos. We just love the history, architecture and manicured lawns of this prestigious campus. On weekends, the areas around the academic buildings are more likely to be quiet, so we’ll have plenty of time and space for taking lots of photos. 

As an alternative, the Adelaide Courthouse is another great choice in the CBD. The Adelaide Magistrates’ Court is one of the oldest public buildings in Adelaide, with construction on this stately sandstone building starting in 1847. It makes for a perfect backdrop for photos, and we can get some fantastic shots with the building’s grand columns. 

How to decide on wedding photo locations around Adelaide

So, how to decide on wedding photo locations around Adelaide… Well, it’s not easy when you have seemingly endless options! But we find it helps to think about what you love as a couple. 

What areas resonate with you both? Do you love bushwalking in the rural countryside? Are you passionate about time at the beach or out on the water? Or did you spend your first date at a hip cocktail bar in the CBD? Selecting a location that you both feel a personal connection with can add a lot of meaning to your engagement photos. 

It also pays to keep in mind that we’ll get the best results in a spot that’s quiet and discreet, as you don’t necessarily want dozens of onlookers watching your shoot!

So, which beautiful Adelaide location is best for your engagement shots? If you’re still unsure, don’t worry – we’ll be glad to help. Feel free to reach out and we can discuss what sort of style and mood you’re after, which will help us recommend some places that would be just perfect for showcasing your love! 

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