Chloe and Daniel – One Paddock Currency Creek

Jan 10, 2021



What a day! Chloe and Daniel both got ready in separate Bed & Breakfasts in Port Elliot with their respective bridal party members. The boys in particular had a pretty epic ocean view! It was a lovely and relaxed morning, slowly getting suited up with a few beers. Naturally, we couldn’t head for the ceremony without a couple of games of Beer Pong. The suits were a beautiful colour, which definitely complimented the overall palette for the day. You’ll see.

Just up the road, Chloe and the girls were preparing their hair and make-up and having a good old time with some bubbles and nibbles. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and Chloe’s dress was next level with beautiful detail. The girls also had a nice, slow morning making the most of every moment along the way.

The ceremony and reception was held at the gorgeous One Paddock Currency Creek, one of the best rustic/boho wedding venues around. Ceremony and reception in one contained location…ideal. The ceremony went beautifully; it was then followed by a few drinks with the bridal party prior to the reception kicking off. The reception space was set up in a really inviting way, with all sorts of candles and festoon lights to set the mood. A few festivities later and it was time for golden hour shots! Even when it’s overcast and cloudy, the last light of the day is always so nice to capture. The soft colours and mood of the sky really create some stunning conditions for amazing wedding photography. I reckon these images speak for themselves. When we headed back inside, the remainder of the night definitely amped up with some more speeches and, of course, more drinking and dancing!

Thanks so much for having us, guys. We had the best time and hope you can treasure these memories for many years to come.

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