Australian Summer Weddings: 7 Things to Remember When Temperatures Soar Above 40°!

Aug 6, 2021



Ah, the glorious Australian summer. We love Adelaide summer weddings for their warm nights, gorgeous sunsets, and the fun and festive atmosphere we all feel during that time of year. However, we also know the mercury can climb sky-high in the summer months – so do you know how to handle hot weather on your wedding day?

We often see couples concerned about rain on their big day, but heat is also something to consider. You want to look your best for your wedding photos, but you also want to make sure your family and loved ones (and yourselves!) are comfortable. Luckily, a summer wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your love – even on a scorcher. You just need to be prepared.

So, how do you plan a summer wedding in Adelaide, and what is the best month to get married in Australia? (There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding, we know!) Here are a few of our top tips to beat the heat and plan an amazing summer wedding in beautiful South Australia.

1. Keep your guests happy and hydrated

Summer might be the best time to get married in South Australia, but it does mean taking some extra precautions to look after your guests.

First, be sure to look after yourself – drink plenty of water throughout the day (sadly, Champagne doesn’t help with hydration), and prepare lots of cold drinks for your guests as they arrive. You can even decorate eskies in the theme of your wedding!

When planning your day, talk to your venue about how they can keep guests cool, as you might prefer a location with air-conditioning. Your vendors will need access to plenty of cold water and break areas on the day as well, so make sure your venue can accommodate them.

Final note: we love a four-legged friend as much as anyone, so be sure your pets are well looked after and hydrated at home. Or, if your pet is part of the ceremony, arrange for someone to help them into the shade to cool down straight afterwards.

2. Consider a Plan B

How hot is too hot for a wedding? That’s a tough call, but any summer wedding date means there’s a chance of temps hitting 40+°C. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, see if the venue offers a backup plan in case of sweltering heat or even summer rain.

Venues can often add shade tents or move the ceremony to a different location, as long as they have some advance notice to prepare. Don’t worry if the location needs to change – we guarantee we’ll still get epic photos as you say your vows!

3. Look after your grandparents

To us, there’s nothing more important than family. We’re sure you feel the same way, which is why you’ll want to take special care of your elderly wedding guests. The hot Australian sun can be particularly tough on them, so ask another relative to keep an eye out and (if necessary) drive them to and from locations, so they don’t need to walk in the heat.

4. Plan your wedding timeline later in the day

Wondering about the best month to get married in Adelaide? For summer weddings, November, February, and March can be amazing, as we have beautifully long days. Of course, December and January are good too, but keep in mind many people travel or arrange family events for the holidays, which can impact your plans.

What time should a summer wedding start? To make the most of the day, you could consider a late afternoon ceremony, followed by an early evening reception that goes into the night. You’ll beat some of the summer heat, but there’s also another big advantage here – golden hour!

In summer, the golden hour occurs around 8pm, so we can sneak out for some couple photos around that time. The weather will be cooler and much more enjoyable, plus the light will be gorgeous. As an example, we absolutely love the sweet vineyard photos we took of Samie and Andrew on their wedding day.

5. It’s all about the food!

OK, we’d be lying if we said one of the most fun parts of a wedding wasn’t the food! However, humid, sweaty days aren’t the best for food prep and storage – especially the much-anticipated wedding cake.

The key is keeping everything refrigerated for as long as possible. After your ceremonial cake cutting, see if the venue staff can pop it in the fridge so it’s still in good condition until dessert time rolls around.

When selecting your reception menu, keep in mind that many people tend to eat smaller meals when it’s really hot out, so you might not want to offer large or heavy main courses.

6. Choose your transport with care

Arriving at your wedding in a vintage Volkswagen can be amazing – but maybe not in summer, since many older cars don’t have air conditioning. The last thing you want is to walk down the aisle covered in sweat, so plan your transport options with care.

Plus, you don’t want to risk being late because your car overheated!

7. Look effortlessly cool in lightweight wedding attire

Selecting a wedding dress is so much fun, but here’s a tip: they can be super hot to wear. Layers of lace, fabric, and satin can leave you feeling stiflingly hot, so plan to select a dress that suits the climate.

Look for lightweight, breathable materials that are both comfortable and stylish. Of course, the same goes for the groom and groomsmen – linen can be a beautifully stylish and much cooler choice for your wedding suit.

We hope these tips help you create the wedding day of your dreams, even if the weather is warmer than you’d planned. Really, it all comes down to planning – and we’re here to help with that! We get so excited meeting new couples and can’t wait to share in your excitement, creating timeless wedding photos that you and your family can treasure for years to come.

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